Well, let’s not call them bribes shall we. I bet I made you wonder! This page is about cool gadgets I come across online, so if ever anyone wonders what they could buy me for Sinterklaas, Christmas, my birthday or just because I’m such a great and wonderful guy. Then here’s the definitive list of goodies I’ll be happy with:

PAC-MAN® Moving Power-Plush – Full Set PAC-MAN
Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool key tool

White LED stuff like this lantern LED lantern
Unimat 6-in-1 Cool Tool Tinkering tool
Green Laser Pointer II Green laser
TV-B-Gone One button TV remote
Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer WiFi Spy
Deflection laser game Laser game
Multicolor LED Panel LED panel
Very cool: Ambient Orb Device Ambient orb “Information just a glance away” Does it work in Europe?
Mathmos Color Bubble Color bubble

Last updated: 28 July 2006 (for a more up to date list see: my BoxedUp list)