VoIP to Skype bridge

 | 14 Apr 2007 10:08

For me SIP is the best option with most countries that I call being free and the UK being equal or cheaper than my current land line carrier. However my family in the UK has a better deal with Skype when the majority of the calls are national (1.4p per min and 4.5p per call). So if they have a stand alone Skype phone and I have SIP phones, should we not be able to call each other for free?

My options are:

  1. PSGw requires an additional pc and single Skype account per pc
  2. Skype Asterisk channel (chan_skype) Can only run on Asterisk but can run multiple instances of Skype through vnc

Not for me:

  1. Uplink Skype to SIP Adapter’ (windows required)
  2. CooSIP, no idea about price and it’s not available yet
  3. Skip2PBX, way too expensive
  4. Pika Connect for Skype, way too expensive hardware & licenses [2009-01-07 no more references to Skype on their site]

chan_skype it will be…

Edit (23/05/2007): Well it’s end of May and I haven’t been able to spend more time on this yet, if you want to do this on Asterisk then no problem but on AsteriskNOW it’s not that easy.