National Dutch ICT-gala 2006

 | 15 Mar 2006 11:27

Last night’s gala was a nice mixture between social networking and musical surprises. The latter mainly due to the fact that the chosen theme was: “nieuwe en bijzondere combinaties” which kind of translates to: “new and unusual/special combinations”.

It was the third time that ICT-office organised this event, though the first time I for me. ICT-office organised this event to enable members to meet and talk business in an informal setting. As they put it “culture and doing business are an excellent combination”. The new and unusual combinations had been worked out in an audio and visual program.

The Lucent Danstheater in The Hague proved to be a nice location for admiring the work of the Philips Symphonic Orchestra, the former Philips employee ‘Fideelio’ orchestra founded in 1930. It was directed by Jules van Hessen. Some of the soloists and groups who combined with the orchestra to create new and unusual combinations were:

· Jasha Albrecht – amplified cello

· Geert Chatrou – whistling soloist (how on earth does on translate fluisvirtuoos!)

· Dance group Oisin

· Some ICT lady who used a laptop to replace a typewriter (The Typewriter, by Leroy Anderson)

Philips Symphony OrchestraAs we were sitting on the 4th row from the front we could only see the heads of the dancers who danced to the tune of ‘Lord of the dance’. I’ll spare you the details of all pieces performed but it was new and unusual to a ‘T’. And I can’t help myself from saying that Geert Chatrou really is an incredible soloist who whistles with incredible finesse and speed.

I shouldn’t forget to mention the ICT personality award which was handed out, though I can’t remember to whom. (Anyone care to update me?)

Rowdy + partner & HayleyNext to all the above I did manage to get some networking done, thanks to Rowdy van Rijn. He’s a colleague of mine -Product Manager & Regulatory Officer- who was like a fish in water networking away. It’s always good to be with someone who can introduce you to the various old-boys around. ICT-office’s setup was inviting CEOs and have them take a young professional with them, which by chance is also new and unusual… Anyway, I met a few people -the marketing guru from BBned comes to mind- and that’s quite new for me as I’m not a very extrovert person in this kind of setting. Who knows maybe one day I’ll be more like a ‘fish in the water’ too, but for now I think I did rather well.

Oh and at around 23:00 the ‘Dancing’ afterparty started:

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