CCIE R&S mocklab

 | 30 Jul 2006 18:46

Pfew, I’m typing this with the last little bit of energy left in me. I started this morning on the mocklab I screwed up during the bootcamp and I actually finished in time. I would not have had 100% score as there were two things I had to look up outside of the “univercd”.

So this has given me a last push to find little thing that I’d forgotten (already!) or hadn’t used yet. Like BGP and EIGRP authentication. I’ve written down some topics I want to work out on my CCIE R&S pages so stay tuned int the next two days.

Time for dinner now , ooh I’m soo happy that I managed this in 8 hours, the 1st mocklab I did took me 14 hours so this is a nice booster for this wednesday when it’s for real.

PS: I’ve bought a set of coloured pens, I really hope the proctor will allow me to use them as my drawings become a mess without them. I’ve used them the entire week and now have a nice colour coding scheme for different things like protocols and special notes. Also I’ve developed the habit of making a separate network drawings for BGP and Multicast, it really helps keeping the different forwarding planes separate and simple.

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