1 day to go… (till written)

 | 7 May 2006 22:24

Well it’s Sunday night and I’m still studying away. I’ve got so much left to cover I can only hope I’ll know the right things. Book #14 out of my book list was great to make sure I’d covered the basic but going through a (hopefully) up to date Testking test I’m not sure whether I’m prepared enough. I seem to score between 50 and 80% on the various topics and I’m only like half way through this test…

What I have been up to though is creating some quick reference pages for BGP, OSPF and EIGRP. Hopefully that will help me to keep things in my head. Follow the CCIE R&S link at the top right if you’re interrested in them, feel free to use them for your own study.

So it’s back to my practice test and praying I’ll know enough this Tuesday.

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